Fujiyama – A Challenger Approaches!

Got a hot insider tip on an upcoming restaurant in Clarksville.  If you’ve ever eaten at the China King Buffet on Lowes Drive, you may have been brave enough to try the sushi there.  If you were, chances are it was made by “Tony”, who isn’t just an ordinary guy at the buffet struggling to roll tuna and rice.  It turns out that this guy (who was also featured on a billboard for the restaurant) was a real sushi chef in New York, who just happened to make his way down to our miserable city to help out the family.  He was almost always there and he made incredible sushi rolls in a minute or less.  It was like a mini-Morimoto in our own city.
I say was because it turns out that he is opening his OWN Japanese restaurant.  That’s right; he’s out of the buffet business and is starting his own place right down the road.  It will be located on Wilma Rudolph Boulevard between the Papa John’s and Mulligan’s (pretty high traffic area if you ask me).  It is supposed to feature sushi and have a kitchen with cooked dishes as well.  The name is tentatively going to be “Fujiyama”.  That’s right, it won’t have the words “China”, “Dragon”, or “Jade” in it like most places in C-ville.
Details are a little scarce at the moment, but if this place opens up in the next month or two it should rock.  I know I sound like a dick most of the time but let me say that Tony “The Sushi Chef” is two things:
1.  A super-friendly guy with a ton of “fans” that will probably follow him to his new restaurant.
2.  A fucking awesome sushi chef.
So keep your eyes open around that block of Wilma Rudolph for details of the grand opening.  Support a local eatery that will hopefully bring some more variety to town.

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  1. The Aristocrat

    i am sad that it is not going to be named Super New China Panda Dragon Pagodaville Buffet and Grill. Not big on sushi after that food poisoning i had from the shitty sushi at another clarksville eatery however, after having Tony’s several times it is definitely one I would be willing to try. Not only does it taste good but it always looks good and he makes it ridiculously fast. I think if he does that, and has a kitchen that serves food, it will be badass. I Support Fujiyama!!!

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