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We at ClarksvilleWTF have, for nearly a year, been bringing you the sadness that is Clarksville, Tennessee, and often that means giving you examples of some of the shit that is stirred in the “Queen” City by some of unfortunate Clarksvillians. Over the months we have prominently featured some such as “Gina” our bugeyed mugshot queen who was arrested three times in January 2011 for booze related charges, and several others. We however, have also been saving up some of our favorites that we just didnt have any place for. Now, without further adieu, let us give you the shame, the sorrow, and general ewwww…. that is the mugshots of Montgomery County.

This guy was arrested for domestic violence...wonder how bad the other person was fucked up

Apparently she had one of those condoms that blows your hair back....

Its unbeweaveable!

Ask me about my sex offender convictions...

...he knows what you look like naked.... honestly this one just gives me the creeps...

Bro...you are so fuckin MONEY!

If Little Orphan Annie and that albino kid Powder had a kid...

between the eyes going north and south and the clorox stain down the middle of his head, it would be an injustice not to feature this mugshot

with that hair, and that man-blouse.....how can you ladies resist???

motherfuckers make me take out my nose ring........

Thanks Montgomery County Sheriffs Department. You never cease to amaze us.

There are lots more other degenerates to point and laugh at, so hurry on down the County Jail or visit WWW.MCSOTN.ORG But, you dont have to take MY word for it…


  1. Clarky McClarksville

    Note: ClarksvilleWTF.com does not endorse hurrying down to the jail….
    unless you’re horny.

  2. The Aristocrat (Post author)

    I dont think I have ever seen someone in a Clarksville mugshot, not once in all these years, who is…i dont know…dressed well…maybe even in a suit perhaps….well coiffed…while most are usually not as lol-tastic as the above, i just once want to see some dude in a full tuxedo wearing a monocle or a chick wearing a diamond tiara..is that so much to ask for???

  3. Bruce Vain

    This is the cast for the Southside version of Glee.

  4. G. Alex B.

    I would also love to see a mugshot of someone from Clarksville in a suit. Johnny Pipper would be nice.

  5. The Aristocrat (Post author)

    The Aristocrat agrees

  6. outerspaceace

    the bang remains the same

  7. Rexford

    My favorite is the Community shirt mugshots. If you don’t meet mugshot dress code they make you wear a shirt that has been worn by every scummy low life in town. Scan through a few and you will recognize it.

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