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    We often seem to be hate-filled individuals that focus only on the negative things in Clarksville. This isn’t always the case, as there are some places in Clarksville that aren’t to be missed. With that, we present…

ClarksvilleWTF’s Official Clarksville Keepers!

Our inaugural C.O.C.K. award goes to a new local restaurant that we had already showed some interest in a couple of months ago. Fujiyama, located on Wilma Rudolph Blvd., is an amazing new Japanese restaurant run by “local legend” Tony. Why do I call him a legend? It’s because everyone that has been eating at China King buffet (Lowes Drive) knows him as the guy who makes incredible sushi.

In this case I should say “made”, because Tony has moved on and has opened up his own little joint right around the corner (Don’t worry China King fans, they still make good sushi…just not quite as good). Fujiyama features a full Japanese menu with appetizers, soups, full course dishes, noodles…AND SUSHI. I don’t say this often — everything I’ve had there is great.

Let’s break it down:

-Sushi: A menu with two pages of special rolls, as well as your traditional stand-by rolls will keep you trying new things for several visits. I really enjoyed the Sexy Thai Girl Roll, American Dream Roll, and Sakura Roll. I have realized that I have a looong way to go before I finish the menu. They’re like friggin’ Pokemon and I gotta catch ’em all. They should have an Old Chicago style sushi card they punch, and once you’ve tried them all you get a t-shirt or ninja sword, but I digress.

One other good piece of news is that many of the rolls are affordable. Sushi is notoriously expensive. Some would say overpriced. Fujiyama’s rolls are what I would expect to pay. They do have a slew of $10+ premium rolls, but what sushi joint doesn’t?

Finally, you can tell that the chefs have been making sushi for years. Beautiful dishes come out in minutes, no matter how busy the place is.

-Appetizers: Clear and miso soups are made well. The salad has the always popular ginger dressing, which is quite good here. Note: the first thing you should check out is the “specials” board at the entrance. You’ll miss out on something amazing if you don’t look at it.

I’ve tried a few apps and they’ve all been winners. First off is their crab cake, which my friend said is the best they’ve had in Clarksville. It tastes fresh, flavorful, and umm…great. Next is the Spicy Tuna Army. It’s crab and cream cheese wrapped up in a thin roll with spicy tuna on top. To use the cliche, the dish melts in your mouth, and it’s amazing how you can distinctly taste each of the ingredients (and how well they go together!) Finally for all you fat, non-seafood eating Americans out there, there’s the Cheesesteak Roll. This is NOT sushi. It’s basically an egg roll…filled with beef and cheese! That’s right fatty, if you don’t like this, then you must be

A. A Vegan
B. An Alien
C. Stupid

Even something this simple comes out artfully sliced in two with a sweet and sour sauce that they made. The sauce is this amazing mix of oranges and peppers. I could probably eat a box of these to go if I could get away with it.

-Entrees: They have went out of their way to keep everything looking attractive. Each dish you order has a unique touch of style. Even the fried rice comes to your table shaped in a flat-topped pyramid under a leaf, with a dipping sauce spread on the side. Yakisoba (fried noodles) and fried rice have a great “homemade” taste. That is, they don’t taste like a box of Rice-A-Roni or that weird yellow fried rice from take-out joints. Your classic teriyaki dishes also rock.

OK, that’s the food coverage. What else makes Fujiyama a place almost too good for Clarksville?

Well, the atmosphere is simple, elegant, and quaint. It’s a small restaurant, seemingly on purpose. You don’t feel like a cow being shoved through the feeding line. There’s dark wood throughout the restaurant, and it’s dimly lit to keep the mood intimate (or hide your ugly date’s ugly face). It’s how I remember Asian restaurants before the OMG LED LIGHT SUPER RED AND YELLOW DRAGON SWOOPS DOWN TO DROP LO MEIN ON YOU FACE atmosphere that often slams you in the face.

One question someone asked me was “Is it better than Kohana?” As you know, Kohana has been THE place for elegant fancy sushi dining in Clarksville. It is one of my favorite places to eat in Clarksville. So is Fujiyama better? I don’t know. You should really eat at both of these places any time you want sushi. Just bounce back and forth. That’s what I plan on doing.

One advantage that Fujiyama has right now (which I’m sure will disappear soon) is that the word hasn’t gotten out yet. Kohana used to be the same way; when it first opened up the crowds were steady but you could get in and get out with little trouble.

But then “they” showed up. “They” are basically all the dickholes that turned a 5 minute wait into an hour wait for a table. I’m sure some of them are nice people, but most of them are loud f’ups that shit up an otherwise pleasant dining experience. You know the people that go to Sam’s Greek Cafe to order a gyro meal and say, “UMM, YES SIR, I WOULD LIKE A GEEEEEEEEEE-RRRRRRRRROOOO. WHY YES I DID VISIT GREECE OR AT LEAST WATCHED A NAT GEO DOCUMENTARY HURRRRRRR.”? I’m talking about those people.

They haven’t showed up at Fujiyama yet, but they will. Trust me. Those bastards always find out about good things and ruin them. I almost feel bad talking about Fujiyama because I’m afraid it will only hasten the arrival of the annoying people.

So, congratulations Clarksville. You have another great place to get excellent sushi. Also, congratulations Tony. Your restaurant is awesome.


  1. Kitty Bird

    We feel the same way about Fujiyama and Kohana!! Love love love the sushi. We have been there several times and intend to keep going back. There was a 40 min wait at Kohana the last Saturday night,but as always it was well worth the wait.

  2. actionashton

    Fujiyama is to die for. Tried it based on your review and was not disappointed. The Sunday Morning Roll is possibly the best roll I’ve ever had. And the staff was awesome, especially when my one year old spilled 3 whole drinks. They appeared like ninjas in the mist with towels and refills. Amazing.

  3. Clarky McClarksville (Post author)

    Glad you liked it! I know everyone has their own subjective view of every thing (especially food), but I’ve consistently had great experiences here. Hopefully they hold on to their awesome staff as well.

  4. michelle

    We ate there last night & I am in LOVE with the place. My son got the kids shrimp tempura & it was enough food for an adult.He loved it,ate every bite & thats saying something!!! I had the sushi platter & it was simply amazing!!! New favorite sushi spot!!!

  5. Alexandria Adams

    I just want to say that I love this place. My husband and I went there when they first opened up and got the boat full of sushi (I don’t remember the name). I loved it, my husband on the other hand doesn’t like sushi. So he ate the cooked crab and stuff like that. Our drinks were never empty, and the wait staff made you feel welcome instead of trying to rush you thru your meal. Now I didn’t know that it was Tony’s restaurant but know that I do, I will definitely go back when I have the time and money.
    But I agree with you 100% I hope that this little treasure doesn’t get ruined by people who don’t know there head from there a** (not your words but my translation of them).

  6. Cecil Saxon

    Since I am a sushi lover I showed up on opening night. Kohana place got bumped (too pretentious anyway). I go at least 2x a month with my family to this day. Food is always good, service is always great. We are recognized, waved to and feel very comfortable there. It has become our family restaurant. Tony is always there on the nights we visit and honestly just love the place.

    On the “those people” discovering the place… they have. They bring their bratty kids that scream and yell, cry and carry on. When they don’t have their kids, they carry on like drunk fools or talk so loud I feel like I am their BFF and get to share everything. Ack- hate em. I wish they would go back to the chain restaurant hell from where they came. Then again, they pay and keep may favorite place in business so with all good comes evil.

  7. April

    We feel the same, moved from Denver and eat way too much sushi and call this place home. The only thing that is disapointing is the wine list. I’m 6 months pregnant so if in the next 3 months they can get a game plan together for some decent wines I’ll move in!

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