Goodbye Quiznos! Good Day Buffalo Wild Wings!


Sunrise, sunset.

If you ever dined at the Wilma Rudolph Boulevard Quiznos you knew two things. One–that place sucked balls. Two–OK, nevermind. You only knew one thing. But good news to anyone that felt ripped off by this centerpoint of failure…IT’S CLOSED!

The bad Quiznos

Yes, it seems a bit morbid or mean-spirited to celebrate the failure of a business. But in the case of Quiznos the taunting is well-deserved.

I’ve heard countless tales of food fail here. I have one friend that ordered an Asian chicken salad and received salsa as a dressing. When she asked about it they shrugged her off and told her it was right. Yeah, Mexican, Asian, they’re all the same to a shitty toasty sub shack.

Another friend had the unfortunate experience of asking for a small cup of sauce to go with a meatball sub.

The response?


Yeah, they weren’t even going to let him pay for extra sauce. WTF guys? Do you hate money? Was there a great sauce famine in the Dust Belt we hadn’t heard about?

Whatever. Ding dong, the (sand)wich is dead!

But we’re not just celebrating an establishment’s journey into hell. Check this out…

Buffalo Wild Wings Coming Soon

A bastion of hope...

That’s right, Buffalo Wild Wings is opening up right behind the Wilma Rudolph Starbucks. You can get hammered and then caffeinated before you head home! There’s a couple o’ these in Nashville, and it’s actually (to me) exciting news that we’re getting one. Just like the ones in Nashville, there shouldn’t be any APSU fans there (because APSU fans don’t exist).

Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure the traditional one hour wait for a table will soon strike this place. But they’ll hopefully siphon off some of the jobbers that pack other places on the Blvd., making a little more room for the NINETEEN BAJILLION ARMY DUDES coming back from Iraqistan. w00t.

Hopefully none of the people that go to the Lodge show up there though. I don’t feel like dodging gunfire and avoiding curb-stompings while I eat my honey mustard wings.


  1. The Aristocrat

    there is nothing like the Spicy Garlic wings from B.W.W., a little NTN Trivia, and some curbstomping…Clarky, you don’t know what you missin!!!

    (for anyone too dumb to not realize it, that was a joke., i do not condone curbstomping….often.)

  2. James

    Quizznos sucks anyhow,.. SUBWAY FTW!!

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