Jackass Robs House of Brews – Really?

The House of Brews on Madison Street was held up and robbed at gunpoint on Monday. A man with a friggin’ shotgun ran in and demanded money from the clerk and took off around the corner, not before threatening another man in the parking lot.

I actually like the House of Brews, it being one of the few places I can purchase a product that doesn’t start with the word Bud, Budweiser, Buddy, or Asswater. So when some jackass runs in to rob a place that, honestly, probably isn’t pulling in thousands a night, I get a little aggravated.

Why couldn’t he hold up one of the 32 check-into-cash joints in Clarksville? They actually have the word “cash” in their name. Or he could have held up the Ruby Tuesday’s and robbed their entire salad bar so they would actually have to put some fresh food on it for once. Guess he couldn’t be bothered to use his brain and not mess with something we don’t all hate.

Kudos to the police for quickly showing up with a K-9 unit to hunt for him. Hopefully they catch the culprit soon so HE can be robbed (of his anal virginity in prison).


  1. M.Maraz

    Should be noted: ANAL VIRGINITY. Cause me thinking he’s not the one who is going to do the poking.

  2. Clarky McClarksville (Post author)

    Yeah, not so tough without a shotgun I’m sure.

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