Earl and Randy Arrested!

Today three out-of-town jackasses were arrested for breaking into cars and stealing the contents. It’s great that they weren’t from here, because that tells me that Clarksville is only attracting the wonderful and not-in-anyway trashy people of the world. Apparently, these kids would travel up to TN’s Top Wet Spot and find unlocked cars. They would leave with all the cell phones, GPS units, and used diapers they could make off with.

Looking at the mugshots, I noticed something eerily familiar…

OK, jackass number one:

Yeah, just any jobber, right? Wait, how about his accomplice?

Ahhhhh, all the pieces add up! These aren’t just any APSU dropouts!

Earl and Randy have really hit hard times since the cancellation of their show… They’ve downgraded to robbing already poor Clarksville residents. For shame guys…you could at least have tried to get a job at Convergys.

Our town sucks enough without you guys in it…get the f’ out.

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