Faces only a mother could love – – Montgomery County Mugs

Here are some of our recent favorite Montgomery County mugshots from the last two weeks.


Wiseguy eh???

Now we know what the Cryptkeeper has been up to the last few years....

Flock of seagulls....

I guess its true Mr. Badass...what goes around DOES come around...

Seriously...how is that even possible?

this is what leaving the scene of an accident...a dumbass...looks like

the face of a $422.00 public intox fine....pretty scary I know.

Either he was injured, or he has got his sweatband and is ready to get physical!!!


  1. Matt

    Is that last one Joe Cocker?

  2. The Aristocrat (Post author)

    if so times have been cruel to him…

  3. Fatmanjenkins

    I’m guessing perp #5’s pic is photoshopped.

    Two reasons I believe so:
    1) I can tell by the pixels and stuff and from seeing a few chops in my day.
    2) Dude looks way too classy and well groomed to being involved in some lowlife fisticuffs that would lead to a hideously broken nose. I mean, those neck tattoos are quality work!

  4. Clarky McClarksville

    Unless this was photoshopped by the Sheriff’s department, this dude’s nose is the real freaktacular deal. I think the nose came pre-packaged like that before this arrest.

  5. The Aristocrat (Post author)

    yeah we get our jive directly off the website. It didn’t come with my yellow pointer already attached…but no, we don’t have to photoshop the mugshots. They are sad enough on their own. I am too busy photoshopping kim McMillan’s massive hair onto things to worry about photoshopping criminals…

  6. Erica

    That guy’s nose is real…Got caved in when he lived in Cali a while ago

  7. Andrew

    That nose is not photo shopped I know this because it’s mine

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