New Video – Tennessee’s Got It All!


Hey hey guys, here’s a new promotional video we made for Tennessee!

Despite what you might believe, we love this great state and many of its fine attractions. Of course for every Nashville there’s a…well, Clarksville.

So without further ado, here’s our video “Tennessee’s Got It All (Except Clarksville)”

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  1. M.Marz

    Nice. But gas is 3.50 I aint going nowhere, cept the Chinese buffets.

  2. Joe Blow

    Too funny! Talk about nailing the head on the coffin…ya’ll did great!

  3. james Noel

    clarksville does has a dirt track and there are some big name drivers racing there tonight.

  4. The Aristocrat

    Dirt track racing isn’t really my speed….get it….racing isn’t my SPEED….See, see what I did there?!?!?!?!?!

    in all honesty…racing bores me to tears….and dirt tears up my allergies….so….just seems a waste of gas now…

  5. Clarky McClarksville (Post author)

    Yikes, as the author of this video I apologize… “Clarksville’s got famous dirt bowl drivers, TENNESSEE’S GOT IT ALLLLLLLL!!”

  6. StarryHeartz

    In honesty….. cept the 2 movie theatres ….. clarksville has the same restruants at every intersection… A bar on every strip.. Car lots at every stop light… LAME!

  7. jef

    Don’t forget the drunk soldiers running around. They are fun to watch on friday nights at kickers

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