Video. . . Yelling at Mexican Cakes.

Wandering around aimlessly in Clarksville, Tennesse, you’ll sometimes be amused by the simplest and stupidest things. It’s all we can do to avoid self-immolation.

This day, it was the incredible names and packaging of sweet Mexican snacks at the local supermarket.

Seriously, why can’t American snack makers name their food like this? We get “Lunchables” or “Swiss Cake Rolls”. Lame…

Readers, I highly suggest you try the above activity next time you see your happy little Mexican snack stand.

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  1. The Aristocrat

    Esta selección tejano me hace super húmedos! Añoro el día en el que puede envolver alrededor de mi boca una gran SPONCH duro! La bondad cremosa me impide el suicidio. Me encantaría ver cómo etiquetar sus duchas vaginales y los tampones.

    *Fun fact, I took French in High School..not…thank google chrome translator for the above.

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