A weekend of assholery

A news item from last week highlights why I don’t go out and about in Clarksville as often as I’d like. People were being dumbasses all over the town, starting with this story from the Leaf Chronicle.

A (female) bartender is trying to close the bar Friday morning at 3 A.M. and finds herself confronted by a gaggle of dickheads that are pissed about it. They head to the restroom and bust up the place, then push and hit the bartender, leaving her bruised and cut up. WTF?

“Fortunately” she wasn’t sexually assaulted, but I wouldn’t put it past another group of unemployed drunkaholics from trying this in the future. What makes this story even more embarrassing is when you compare it to another story that ran the same day about a bar in Knoxville.

A man walks into a bar with a gun and demands money. The patrons promptly knock him out, duct tape him, and call the police. While I wouldn’t say it’s the best idea to challenge a man with a gun, it still shows the difference in C-ville vs. K-ville drinkers:

There were no survivors...

I think a friend said it best:

Still want to “Party Clarksville?” Still want to live your dream of
opening up your own bar?

Don’t have indoor plumbing…

…or be a woman…

…and close after midnight…

…or serve alcohol.

Thanks for not trying to restore faith in humanity. Dicks…

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  1. M.Mraz

    WoW 1 more reason t leave Clarksville,

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