New Video – Miss You Mrs. Winner’s

Last year we lost a legend. Tragically her life was cut short by the Church. Well, the Church’s Chicken.

That’s right, we’re talking about Mrs. Winner’s. presents “Miss You Mrs. Winner’s”, an original track showing love one last time for our old friend…

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  1. David Russell

    That done bought a tear to my eye and indigestion to my stomach. RIP Mrs Winners peace out homie

  2. The Aristocrat

    Throwin my spork up in support. Church’s sucks ass…..I always knew that Sinead had a deeper meaning with that song…Never give up Mrs. Winners…..we need you….

  3. M.Mraz

    wow this is number one.

  4. Swami John

    You have summed up the sentiments of a generation! Thank you from the bottom of my stomach.

  5. ShaunB

    You got posted to facebook…You’re welcome… lol

  6. Clarky McClarksville (Post author)

    LOL thanks for the support and love of our long lost chickens…

  7. Pingback: Im sure we all miss her.....

  8. Tweecy

    Niceeeeee….very niceeeee this sums up how we all feel across the mid-TN area but that pic is definitely from Roscoe’s….

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