Muggles of May

How ’bout a few quick hits of the old Montgomery County Sheriff’s mugshot page?

OK, maybe it’s good she got taken in, as it appears that a mad scientist had already drawn the line to remove her scalp. Although I wonder if the brain is still in there.

She was taken in for an out-of-state warrant. Hey, be sure to have bright pink hair in the Bible Belt. That won’t bring you any unwanted attention…

I'll crush you...WITH MY MIND.

“You will rue the day you messed with Brainiac!”

Speaking of Brainiac, he was probably arrested looking for Superman. However, the picture above of Consuela tells me he wasn’t home. She must have been arrested for this:

…and to wrap up the superhero theme, we have the most obvious choice for “GENERIC THUG #1”. When does the next Batman start filming? Thanks for keeping our fine city safe guys!


  1. Madison

    The first girl, she was at a Disney costume party. She was tiger Lilly. Cops tried to have her wash the makeup off and made her change clothes.

  2. Clarky McClarksville (Post author)

    I love how quickly Clarksville responds with the details. You guys know everything!!!!

  3. elterrible

    No she really was at costume a party, and she got a PI for being in the passenger seat on her way home. I was there.Just wanted to say that her looking crazy in the pic is not her normal appearance.

  4. The Aristocrat

    The worst part is not that she had the makeup tracing lines for surgery to become the “Human Centipede,” the worst part is that she is wearing one of “the shirts”

  5. actionashton

    I know that first one. And whatever she got picked up for, I’m sure it was totally deserved.

  6. Mistress_Stacy201

    wait… we had a Disney costume party and I didnt KNOW?! Isn’t there a list I can sign up on, or something? (*snort*)

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