News Insertion 05/15/11

We’re starting a new segment tonight. Clarksville lacks a televised presence that pretends to cover the news, so we feel it’s our duty to spend 30-60 seconds talking about stuff you already knew.

With that, here’s our first “Weekly News Insertion”, covering the top stories for the week of 5/8-5/14:

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  1. David Russell

    good job Rey Gingersoul.

  2. Amber Powell

    Nice. Though I do feel like I just watched a Micro Machines commercial. This newscast could probably benefit from utilizing an anchorwoman. And I don’t mean in order to make anchorbabies.

  3. The Aristocrat

    The only anchorwoman we would allow is Demetria Kalidimos…but her sweet ass is too busy picking out ugly old lady clothes at The French Shoppe (now with three locations) to record about how the McGregor park swings are covered in peepee and doodoo…

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