Restaurant Review – Canyon Road Steakhouse

Last night after the Clarksville Bellydance show at the Customs House Museum, myself and a few others decided since we were already fancied up to head out to a nice place for dinner.

The Aristocrat – “Hey, how bout we go to that new place that doesnt allow kids…”
Friend 1 – “Well….we were going to go to the Blackhorse…”
Friend 2 – “Fuck the Blackhorse…try something new.”
Friend 1 – “New things scare me.”
The Aristocrat – “We are going to Canyon Road, so, y’all go have your shitty beer cheese dip, we will meet up later and get crunk.”

We might have made the wrong choice.

EDIBILITY? 2.5 out of 5
– Canyon Road is a steakhouse, so, I ordered steak. To be more specific I had a 12 oz New York Strip cooked medium, loaded potato, and a Caesar salad with a beer. My potato was still hard, the steak was overdone. My comrade had a sirloin with asparagus which was also overdone, and was given four spindly little pieces of asparagus. Our other friends are vegetarians and they live on side dishes anyways so their opinions on food doesn’t really matter, but they did not have anything positive to say. Out of the five of us there, only one said that everything they ordered was good. My salad was fine, but its hard to fuck up a salad…hard, but not impossible. Two of the people with us got mixed drinks from the bar, and at $8 a pop you expect a good drink. While I want my drink to have a good amount of alcohol, it should still be drinkable, and not be so strong it is able to power my car These however, were super high-octane drinks that required mixing them with Sprite to save them. Not good.

GIVE A SHIT? 3.5 out of 5
– My biggest gripe with a restaurant is that I should never be thirsty, and I wasn’t, so that is cool. We did not complain about the food with the staff, as what good would it do, It was 930 on a Saturday night by the time we finally got our food, and sometimes, you are hungry to the point that even Arby’s sounds good…Our wait for our orders did seem excessive given the fact that the place was virtually empty inside and only a few people on the deck outside. Our server lady was nice and did not make anyone at our table cry, which was a plus. However, when she asked if our dinner was good, and no one answered and just had blank stares, that might have been the key to ask some probing questions.

FINAL VERDICT? 2.5 out of 5 – They are new. I’ve had close family in the restaurant business and it can be really hard to get off of the ground. I think their concept is good. Upstairs it is a more formal dining area with starched white napkins and a clean modern look while downstairs it is more of a, well, it looks like the Blackhorse downstairs. One selling point is they also have a back deck which looks out over woods and not Wilma Rudolph Boulevard. Why people were sitting out there when it was 90 degrees puzzles me but whatever. I really want this place to succeed as its not a chain and I did enjoy not hearing/seeing kids…as I don’t like kids. Incidentally, it even says in huge letters on the sign hanging on the front of the building “No children under 12 please.” Due to business however, I would think that will surely change, as people with kids spend cash…and when it gets down to it, it takes cash to keep a restaurant open. I hope it doesn’t come to the point of having to allow screaming kids who sneeze juicy juice in. My bill last night before a tip however was $35.00 just for me, and I just didn’t feel like I just had a $35.00 dinner. My intention is to give them a month, swing through again, and hopefully they have managed to find their groove and get their shit together. Go give them a try, and if you have a better experience, let us know.


  1. Joe Blow

    Where exactly are they located? I try to avoid St. B at all costs, so obviously this is the first I’ve heard of it. I would like to go by and try the place for a chance to see the executive chef: RAY-RAY…all the way! LOL

  2. The Aristocrat (Post author)

    they are on Wilma Rudolph on the right just after you go through the new bridge construction, as if you were coming from APSU. They are in those new little buildings that look like they were fake storefronts in “Gunsmoke”

  3. Blogwiser

    We tried it last week. It was okay. Nothing special; nothing terrible. At least there were no kids crying and screaming and running up and down the isles.

    I agree with the above poster: Wait a month and try it one more time to see if they have the kinks worked out. I hope they do. We desperately need a decent upscale restaurant.

    Warning: Do NOT let them seat you downstairs near the bar if you intend to have a dinner conversation. We had to listen to the bar patrons and even the bartenders laugh and talk so loud through much of our meal that it became really annoying. One of the barkeeps obviously thought she was quite a wit. She was exactly half right.

  4. TheAristocrat

    we actually got stuck downstairs too….I would have preferred the upstairs as well…its like two totally different restaurants upstairs and downstairs..which is fine…but the atmosphere is much better upstairs.

  5. skeeter

    Me n hubby ate there about a month ago & it wasn’t all that…overdone steak,waited over an hour for our food & had a $70 tab & didn’t even have alcohol!!We will go give it one more shot but for a steakhouse I was very dissapointed!!

  6. meplus3

    i just want to say i had the pleasure of meeting chef ray-ray and his son robert while i went in to eat and they were the best mannered people i have ever met in ANY steakhouse and i plan on going in this week to eat again and see them but to be a supposed elegant restaurant i did not appreciate how they have the female servers walking around in jeans and wrinkled shirts looking like they work at hooters and i agree with the fact that i couldnt really enjoy my dinner because the servers were so loud and rude and my server didnt even bring our bread to the table and was too deep into a conversation with the other servers that she didnt notice i was trying to get her attention so i hope this time when i go back the weeded through there servers or atleast taught them something but as far as the food other than the bread incident which was my servers fault my food was cooked to perfection by chef ray-ray and robert

  7. craig

    Wayyy to expensive for what you get. 75 bucks for two steaks and ice tea.

  8. barry

    went there tonight for the first time, probably won’t be back. friday night and they’re dead. this doesn’t bother me at first. it did bother me later. my girlfriend and i decide we’d like to sit outside at first, have a few drinks and an appetizer. the manager assures us this won’t be a problem. our waitress shows up, takes only our drink order (she almost ran away, not giving us a chance to order our appetizer) and stays gone for ten minutes. she finally brings our wine, then disappears again. it took the manager checking in with us to get service again. when informed our table was ready upstairs, i felt it prudent to cash out with our downstairs server first, but felt the 25% tip i left her was not earned.
    once we got upstairs, things got slightly better. it still took a little over five minutes before anyone took our drink order, but after that checkbacks were pretty regular. the blue cheese wedge salad is amazing; a wedge of iceburg lettuce with house made bluecheese dressing. the dressing hands down made the salad, best i’ve had in town. only wish the same could be said for the steaks. my girlfriend and i each ordered the tbone, hers medium mine midwell. both were overdone. mine was at least well in most parts, charred in others, only looking midwell along the bone. none of hers was medium, midwell at the best throughout. i normally don’t mind a steak being slightly overdone, but between a slow night (they had at least seven servers on and no wait at 8oclock) and high prices (28 dollars for the tbone) i expect a good meal.
    on top of that, not entirely satisfied but not yet entirely put off, the owner was there. i watched her check in with the “big spenders”(tom edwards, etc), some of whom i know by name, then decide i wasn’t worth talking to. given this, i have no plans to go back. what started as a great concept fell by the floor due to favortism and poor service

  9. Blogwiser

    We just had a great meal! The food was fantastic; the service was spot-on; the dessert was unique, and the price was very reasonable. There was not a sideways baseball cap or a piercing or a sagging pantleg in sight.

    There were no spinner hubcaps in the parking lot and none of the vehicles had those oh-so-classy ‘In Memory Of’ messages sprawled across their back windshields. Yes, it was a fine meal. At the Riverview Restaurant. IN ASHLAND CITY……poor Clarksville. *sigh*

  10. Big Poppa (Jeff)

    LIke all good things, they only get better with time. What Clarksville, more like Tennesse as a whole needs are some fun, good places to eat. If you ask me, TN in general has way to many “cookie cutter” restaurants Canyon Rd is NOT that. Thank goodness!

    We have been going to Canyon Road on a regular basis (two to three times a week) since they opened. We quickly made friends with the staff and have always been treated incredible. Fast service, great food as well as always receiving top notch, VIP treatment for no real reason atall. Each visit gets better, thats not saying the first few were anything less then great. My first visit I had the New York Strip; One of, if not the best I have ever had…by far. I was hooked from that day on.

    What makes Canyon Road even better is the way we are treated by the staff. From the owner to the bartender the staff goes out of their way for us. Major Kudos to Big Momma and Joy for putting together such a great staff.


  11. Super

    Dare you to try again and give another up to date review.

  12. Clarky McClarksville

    When I run into a random 50 bucks I’ll probably see it for myself as well. I mean, it IS still open. But then again, so is the Front Page Deli…

  13. Lauren ex employee

    Big Momma is a joke of a manager. She is the most racist, rude, fake manager (if you can even call her that) I have ever worked with. She just walks around and bitches at people.That place is a joke. Im surprised it hasnt closed yet. I bet by the summer it will be. Not being a mean person, just stating a fact. I saw on mulitple occassions, kitchen people handling food with their bare hands. I cant even tell you how many steaks my guests had that werent cooked to the right temperature. It was so embarrassing. The best thing they did was fire me, because I was too nice to walk out. Longhorn is FAR better, and way cheaper.

  14. DG

    I feel compelled to leave a comment regarding Canyon Steak House. I ate there Friday, Feb 3, 2012 and it was excellent. While the place is expensive for Clarksville standards, there were entrees starting at less than $20. My special lady friend and I ate upstairs. Downstairs is more of a bar. We ordered a rare filet and a medium ribeye. Both were cooked to perfection. I’ve eaten at the best steakhouses in the world and my rib eye at the Canyon was wonderful. We opted for soup instead of salads and had baked potato’s for a side. I drank an imported beer. The soup portions were very large. The steaks were huge. The ribeye was priced at $30 and the filet was a similar cost. We also ate cheesecake for desert. Our server was prompt and attentive. I love that there were no children. I didn’t have to listen to anyone sing happy birthday. The waitress didn’t bring my check until I was finished which I appreciate. With a generous tip our check was $100. While this place is not a “value” steakhouse, I recommend it. If you are looking for a good deal, cook one at home. If you are looking for a nice evening out, this place was great.

  15. jj

    My boyfriend and I dined at Canyon Road Steakhouse on Friday Feb 17 for dinner. I have read a lot of mixed reviews, but wanted to give it a fair chance myself. We had a four course meal to include wine and bazooka bomber cocktail, the spinach artichoke dip app, salad with housemade honey mustard dressing, sirlion dinner for wo, and rasberry cheesecake and creme brulee. They were not that busy as we were seated downstairs right away. The food was a little pricey, but tasty and well worth it. The whipped sweet potato is worth a try! The best part of our evening was our server, Megan. She was on top of her game and very sincere and attentive, while not overbearing at the same time. The manager stopped by all of the tables to check on her guests. We had nothing bad to say about our snap shot of their operation and left Megan a well deserved $30 tip on our $80 check. If i have any critisisms at all, the exterior decor could be toned down minus the streetfront blow up santa

  16. ann

    the food is wonderful but pricey. the service downstairs is outstanding. that being said, MARRIED WOMEN should NOT bring your husbands here! unless you want him to be propositioned by the trashy excuse for a manager. I have eaten here several times and am appalled by this woman’s behavior and appearance in a restaurant that claims to be classy. just look at her business card and you’ll see what I mean. no wonder they dont allow children

  17. june

    So..the owner is rather an odd bird but she is not the reason why I keep coming back!! The steaks are phenomenonal each time I am here. The unique twist on the bleu cheese dressing is incredible and worth a visit just for that. However.. if you are a calamari fanatic, which I am, I strongly suggest you visit this restaurant. It is cooked perfectly im going there now to pick up a couple orders for my dinner tonight. Yes its a bit pricey but depending on what you get it is well worth it. Having a “No kids under 12” policy is rather nice but from a business stand point I wonder how many people /families they have alienated. Give it a try! ! I think for my budget it’s something you would save up for like a special occasion or holiday.

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