A few mugshots from the last few weeks that we found amusing for one reason or another…

And in no particular order, let the unfortunateness begin!

(click on the image to view full-size)


  1. TheAristocrat

    Authors Note: my vote is for “Blue Steel” I do not think he has achieved “Magnum” quite yet….but reach for the starts creepy dude…reach for the stars.

  2. angie

    Another assortment of Clarksville’s Pillars of the Community. Thanks for the chuckle, guys.

  3. M.Mraz

    Blue Steel all the way.

  4. outerspaceace

    never before have I lived in a place where there are people with more tattoos than teeth, and
    that’s just on the women alone. Why do so many people in this town need hygiene lessons ?
    I feel dirty just looking. My spouse and I are on a tight budget, but I’ve decided I cannot go to certain places here, I’m actually nervous about breathing in airborne bacterium from the local population. That being said, If anyone sees a chick with a face mask… it’s you, not me.

  5. David Russell

    outerspace i have no clue on what kind of shitholes you and your wife are visiting,but that seems to be your issue. and if you dont like the town then feel to to leave.

  6. The Aristocrat (Post author)

    we encourage all bitching! onward and upward!!!!

  7. amber

    personally…i love my town. it may be disgusting to the new ppl moving into the area…and yes our locals can be scary..and yes..most do have more tattoos and arrests than teeth…but damnit,it`s my hometown and i love it for how it is…..on that note….thanks for the giggles. the drag queen is just fugly. not even extreme makeover can help her.

  8. Johnathan

    Holy shit, they finally made a place to stick the homeless of Clarksville! Jail!

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