New Video – Jammin’ in the Alley

Jammin’ in the Alley is a wacky little monthly music thing that happens at Strawberry Alley every third Friday of the month. This is the second or third year, I think, and we had hoped to make a little income by producing a commercial for them. We’re a poor website with very little in the way of funds, so why not strike out into the ad business, right?

Well, our test commercial really didn’t cut it. We thought we had nailed the spirit of Jammin’ in the Alley–music, drinking, good times. Calling it Jammin’ in the Alley made it easy for us to make the video. Unfortunately we never got a response from our video… But HERE IT IS FOR YOU!

Not sure what we did wrong… Oh well. BUT HEY, if your business needs a commercial, please feel free to contact us! You see how outstanding our work is, and we’ll totally represent your business in a positive light!


  1. David Russell

    Maybe you went wrong with the logo showing 2010, its 2011 folks.

  2. TheAristocrat

    we had no idea the year had started over….heads are gonna roll for this one…

  3. Clarky McClarksville (Post author)

    Well Clarksville failed to approve this for so many reasons…I guess that’s just one more. But in my defense I’ve made sure not to go to Jammin’ in 2010 AND 2011.

  4. Dunning-Kruger

    Maru! How decent of you to giver here a cameo rockin’ here box jumping skills.

  5. Jeffery Lebowski

    Maybe you could try a second commerical and get the rock trio, “Autobahn” to lay down a track for it. I favor the title “Log Jammin’ in the Alley.” I know this cable expert (he is a nihilist) who may get some free air time if he could star in the commerical.

  6. The Aristocrat

    ….we believe in nothing…

  7. Jeffery Lebowski

    Call nihilism what you may, but at least its an ethos.

  8. angie

    Not your best work, but what the hey…

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