El Comal – Place That Doesn’t Suck!

El Comal Review by Obese Carl

Clarky here…we’re having a couple of our friends help out with the restaurant reviews. First up is El Comal, located at 2263 Wilma Rudolph Boulevard. I’ve read the review and I’ll agree that this place rocks. See what guest reviewer “Obese Carl” thinks below.

Fat people love Mexican food. Well, EVERYBODY loves Mexican food, but if you’re fat you REALLY love Mexican food! They call me Puta Gordo at my local Supermercado, which I assume means “the big boss”, so yeah that’s pretty cool. But I’m not here to talk about how amazing I am. I’m here to talk about how amazing El Comal is.

El Comal I think means “The Fucking Bomb” in Spanish. It’s over on Wilma Rudolph Boulevard. It’s next to Fujiyama, which Clarky McClarksville already went on and on about, and Mulligans, which the Aristocrat lost his shit over. So you’ve got 3 bomb-ass businesses within like 100 feet of each other. If I’m stuck in any plaza in Clarksville until I die it’s going to be this one. I got my Asian food, my Mexican food, and my alcohol in a nice little block. They also got “Any Lab Test Now” to see how close I am to catching dysentery and “BerryBear” if I want to fight spoiled diabetic 12-year olds for milkshakes.

Back to the point–El Comal is my favorite Clarksville Mexican Restaurant. There are 3 reasons:

1. Assloads of awesome Mexi-food.
2. Pleasant dining environment that wasn’t ripped out of an episode of Dora the Explorer.
3. Staff of friendly people that can communicate with me.

First the food (NOTE: OBESE PEOPLE ALWAYS TALK ABOUT THE FOOD FIRST). Let’s be honest about Clarksville Mexi-food…98% of it is all the same. Same chimichanga with beans and rice. Same single or double order of fajitas. Same bowl o’ cheese dip. So half the battle is just making sure that the standard dishes are good. El Comal succeeds here. “The food tastes like it’s supposed to taste.” They aren’t reinventing the wheel.

But other dishes I’ve tried here are fucking awesome. For an appetizer, I love the Guacamole Casero. It’s basically a big ass dish of avocado, cilantro, and pico de gallo, but it’s so damn fresh I’d think some mamacita was around the back growing that shit in her garden. That damn good.

Next dish I like is the Acapulco Salad. “Wait, this fat bastard is eating a salad?” Hell yes, when it’s covered with chicken, shrimp, and cheese I do! It’s a little weird that they bring out Kraft ranch dressing with it, but I don’t even use that shit so it’s all good. Only way they could make that salad better is battering and deep-frying that bitch. Mmmm, that’s healthy living.

Otherwise, I get me some fajitas and add some sauteed mushrooms (so good), or good ol’ chimichanga. Man I dig it all. Only so-so thing I’ve ever heard from a buddy was on the Camarones Diabla…they said the chipotle sauce was not so hot. Whatevs’…

Alright the food rocks, got it. But the decor in this place is fucking classy, at least for a Mexican restaurant. There’s not a 30 foot jacked-up pink-ass banner with TECATE plastered on it. The walls are decorated with some art and design that don’t blind you while you order more chips. The seats are comfy, and the tables are roomy. Even the bar looks nice, not like Jimmy Buffet’s housekeeper took a dump on the wall.

Also, they got this seating area outside that’s fun to sit at when it isn’t 200 degrees. Nice wrought iron tables with a reasonable amount of room to chill. While you are stuck with a view of the parking lot and traffic, let’s remember that just about every damn restaurant in Clarksville has a piece of shit view outside.

Third big reason why I love El Comal…everyone there is friendly as hell and they speak English like they know it (BECAUSE THEY DO.) Seriously, it’s not racist for me to say that if we can’t understand each other we’re going to have a hard time. If you fly my ass to Machu Pichu and ask me to wait tables, the diners there would scream at me and tell me to learn Spanish or get back in the kitchen.

The servers at El Comal are happy to have a conversation with you because they are fluent in Spanish AND English. They’ve always been good to me and anyone I bring. They’re quick with the refills and the food, and they check up on me enough to not feel neglected. That’s good because I’m fucking paying for this privilege. I hate asshole waiters thinking that they’re doing me a favor because they’re bringing me another beer I’m paying 4 bucks for…dickholes. At El Comal I get none of that.

In conclusion, El Comal is my go-to Mexican Restaurant. I’ll go to other joints and be happy, but this place makes me the happiest.

5 out of 5.


  1. David

    As a fat man I respect this review. I have not tried it, yet. I need to. My gf is from San Diego and is always saying Tennessee mexican sucks, maybe this will be a good change.

  2. David

    Ok, so I respect the views of this website, so I went Friday night and tried El Comal, and man thanks for the review. It was in my opinion the best Mexican I ever had. But my gf was also impressed, and she was raised in San Diego, and is always saying how nothing here is even close to mexican food.

  3. papa

    hey tugnut, you forgot the cleanest papa johns in the area, in that same strip mall, for when that bottle of booze you chugged in the parking lot dont settle with your stomach…

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