Looking for love in all the wrong places…

If looking for love means looking on Craigslist, then you must also be looking for disease and looking to have your house robbed. But here we go with some choice selections from Clarksville’s Craiglist and their Casual Encounters section. Yes, let’s see how “casual” they really are:

My favorite Disneyland ride...Magic Mouth.

I think by “Magic Mouth” she means that you will magically wake up with herpes…

Ah my foot! AHH MY VAGINA!!!

Now available: A slightly damaged Hispanic lady with a hankering for scissoring! It’s great that she’s injured too. “I’ll just lay my beached whale ass on the futon while you go to town. Call me now!”


OK, I think it’s a 6 foot tall, 31 year old guy…but what the fuck is he after? “Hosr”? “Btm Vers Fun”? I really think this is a secret FBI code to catch pedophiles, or maybe the Freemasons are using Craigslist to plot world domination in between photos of cocks.


YAY A BIRTHDAY PARTY!!! THERE WILL BE FREE SODAS AND LIGHT SNACKS (but sadly no punch and pie?) There are several play rooms, for the kids I assume, and a “GLORYWHOLE”…wow, a whole glory? Hmm, I’ll have to see what your husband likes. How about a gift certificate to Any Lab Test Now? Hurry, it starts in just a few hours!

Well, I guess I was wrong about there being nothing to do in Clarksville, huh?

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  1. David

    Well I think I have a few answers. The damaged Hispanic is codeword for transvestite. I think. And the Btm Ver guy, I can see you are not a fan of Bob and Doug McKenzie, they used the term Hosr, but was spelled correctly. Meet up off there and you get something not even ajax will take off.

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