Video – Clarksville’s Black Friday Lines

Clarksvillians hit the streets Thursday night, sick of family and friends and ready to shop. We happened to catch a couple of the lines waiting for the stroke of midnight… Here’s what they looked like:

Question…if you are person #329 in line at Best Buy, what the hell do you think you’ll actually be able to buy? A 10 pack of VHS tapes? A case for your Motorola RAZR?

Also, if you had been camping for 3 days to get a $199 32″ TV, why didn’t you just go to work for 10 hours instead, and take the money you made and buy the TV at a slightly higher price? You would get to sleep in your own bed, chill at your own house, and not have people drive by and laugh at you.

Just a thought…


  1. Tammy

    I have thought that all along. In the time they spend in line they could do things much more productive.

  2. angie

    You couldn’t get three people to sustain an “Occupy Clarksville” movement, but Black Friday brings them out in droves.

  3. Jeffery Lebowski

    Capitalism has been turned into a sport and Black Friday is its Super Bowl. I guess technically, Black Friday should be referred to as Black Thursday Evening.

    Folks save $20 on a blu ray …and a store clerk struggling to make ends meet on mimimum wage has to sleep through their family Thanskgiving b/c they have to work all night selling plastic crap from China at mildly reduced (and heavily overhyped) prices to ungrateful consumers. Sad really.

    But hey look on the bright side, think of all the folks you saved $20 on a blu ray player and now can watch Paul Blart: Mall Cop in 1080i. Thats worth something, right?

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