Barge Port Barging In

So it looks like Clarksville will be getting an expanded barge port along the Cumberland River off of Dover Road. After some dicking around by angry local residents and some pointless banter by Montgomery County officials, it was voted in 17 to 4.

The pluses:
-Trucks won’t have to drive from Nashville to Clarksville to drop off crates of Ugg boots and desensitizing condoms, allegedly pulling a buttload of semis off the road that block traffic and have a bad habit of destroying rails and other cars.
-The company putting it up said 400 people will work on the port expansion, and that it would be able to eventually support 4,000 working schmucks.

The minuses:
-Traffic in the surrounding areas will be increased, due to more trucks picking up stuff, more people coming in to work, and more prostitutes working the ports like in gangster movies (not sure about that last part).
-Umm…maybe, terrorism? No, that’s not it. The environment? “Those fat cats in Washington”? Hell, I don’t think there’s another reason.

Which brings us to the conclusion, sucks to be you “people living near the barge port.” The Leaf Chronicle quoted resident Romona Reese as saying “If you truly would not put this in your neighborhood, please do not put it in ours.”

Yeah, that’s not how things work. Ever. Well, unless you’re rich and all your friends are on the city/county councils, but that’s another story.

If you live near the Cumberland River, you’re eventually gonna have to deal with businesses that want to use it. If you live near Wilma Rudolph, you’ve gotta deal with wall-to-wall traffic and businesses. If you live near New Providence, you have to live in fear every waking moment of your life. Them’s the breaks.

Yes, it IS all about the money. I’m not saying that as a negative or positive thing. The scrupulous realtors that sell off homes they know will eventually flood know this. The houses that are built half-assed by lazy or sneaky construction companies know this as well. Of course, those examples are of jerks trying to rip people off. In this case, we’ve got a seemingly legit company wanting to expand and make a few bucks. Gonna be hard to argue that.

I do wonder how asstastic the traffic is going to be once it’s all said and done. I already avoid that end of Dover Road due to traffic, so extra trucks and cars don’t really sound like a recipe for quick Clarksville travel. Sorry for your luck “local residents”.

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