Pic of the Day – 12/24/11

Seen at the China King Buffet near Lowes…

Umm, so are parents supposed to show their kids’ driver’s licenses? Or are they supposed to carry their birth certificates at all times? I guess that I somewhat understand, as I see parents try to say their kids are 5 years old, when they’re nearly as tall as me.

Now if they’d only set up their seating so kids sit on one side of the restaurant and adults sit on the other. What is it about lo mein noodles that make children scream bloody murder?

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  1. oldmaid

    I would suggest every child be given a microchip implant at birth then auto scan prevents the need for such signs. perhaps something like DOB, ORIGINAL ALIEN PLANET, OH AND PLEASE NOTE IF CONEHEAD THEREBY AVOIDING INTOXICATION FROM LUMPY MILK.

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