Peck o’ Pictured Prisoners

I just realized that I have a metric buttload of mugshots I’m just sitting on. How ’bout a little rewind and review of a few you may have missed?

First we have a man with a little captain in him, in that he looks like a friggin’ pirate…

I really hope the police officer said, “You’re under ARRRRRRRRREST!”

I’m sure you were wondering where Dave Chappelle went after Chappelle’s Show:

"Fuck yo' jail..."

There are times when I honestly don’t know if a pic should be a “Face of Meth” or a “Face of Clarksville”:

The only survivor of the coal mine collapse...

Finally, this man genuinely looks like he got into a fight with a crate full of broken bottles…and lost:

The inventor of the "Shit Happens" bumper sticker...

Hopefully all of these fine folks have started working on their New Year’s Resolutions…or at least started saving up for quality lawyers.


  1. Kate

    Oh man, What is the first name of the “faces of meth” girl?

  2. Clarky McClarksville (Post author)

    I don’t quite remember, but it might have been “Scabby Metherson”

  3. sofa king awesome

    Funny !

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