Sex, Mugs, and Rock and Roll

Just a couple of HIGH-larious mugshots this week. I’m sure they’ll be some more hits this week, but I wanted to share a couple o’ celeb shots with you to ease those Monday blues.

First of all, I’ve GOT to start watching Breaking Bad…

Oddly enough, not arrested for meth.

But this next one brings back so much nostalgia from one of my favorite movies…


Yes, that mugshot definitely went to ’11’. I do appreciate that the shirt is still sexy like a wildcat at a bootleg bar in Elkton.

…and although this last one doesn’t look like anyone on TV, I just love that this young lady was arrested for stalking, yet made this face:

Oh wait, we just received a photo moments before the arrest!


  1. President Jeff Davis

    Poor Nigel/bootleg lady.. Unfortunately, now Elkton is without a Dairy Queen general manager and Mayor…

  2. MARK

    The stalker is a cpl at nashville prison

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