Best Last Second Valentine’s Day Present?

Picture of the day/idea for a present…

Customized license plates from the Governor’s Square Mall!!!

At first I was only going to point out “Jimbo’s”, but they’re all pretty damn amazing aren’t they?

First we have Sissy, which I thought was a term of endearment for a sister. But apparently it’s a name of someone’s dog, probably named after the owner’s real sister stole all of their crystal meth ingredients.

We have Jimbo’s plate, which features a deer on a rebel flag. Is this plate implying that if the south had won the Civil War we’d have deer slaves? Because that’s friggin’ sweet. I want to command a deer to run my enemies through, then make me a delicious mint julip on a hot day.

Jeff and Kara celebrate their love for each other, as well as their love of the General Lee jumping over a gully.

I like to pretend that the deer is very slowly calling out to Brad on this plate. “Braaaaaaaaad…come and shoot me Braaaaaaaaad.” Maybe the deer is whispering it in Brad’s ear after it breaks into his home and watches him sleep.

So, once again Clarksville. It’s never too late for love. Although if you’re going to buy your present at the mall, it’s probably a little too late to get something classy.

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