Big Johnson Swallows Lil’ Joe

Omega Supreme-sized auto dealer Wyatt Johnson just added a little more to the size of their Johnson. Joe Heitz Toyota (AKA the annoying “How Low Can You Go?” commerical place) threw in the towel, selling their location and title of Toyota dealer to Wyatt. The sale comes with the inventory, the building, the 60+ employees, and some guy jumping in the air in slow motion

Blurry 80's memories not included

Any thoughts on this? I’ve got a couple…

First let’s cover the good thing about this sale. Joe Heitz Toyota always seemed like an enigma of a dealer. Toyota is a ginormous automaker, but our local always seemed a little small. We never really caried their Scion line of cars, and the building seemed to be stuck in the mid-nineties.

Now that the Wal-Mart of car dealers have taken over, we’re sure to see more cars, a new layer of paint, and some new sales to get some interest. Oh, and I’m sure we’ll also get a big ass blinking sign talking about now they love America, the military, and baking apple pie while a naked Betsy Ross watches from the other side of the room.

As for the negative side, well I’m sure not everyone who worked for Joe will be happy changing managers. Then again, maybe he was a dick…I don’t know. I do know that he was happy to roll out for a large enough check.

Also, if you like competition or maybe just don’t like Wyatt Johnson, then you’ve just lost a little choice, haven’t you? I’ve read mostly good things about WJ. But like every business out there, we know the guy that can’t stand whatever you’re talking about. A bad repair, a shady sale, or an apathetic clerk can ruin your rep forever. Well except ClarksvilleWTF’s rep, which has been in the shitter since day one.

I found this pic looking for "Wyatt Johnson"

But all in all, it should be interesting to see some upgrades. Hopefully no one gets fired…but then again it is just car sales. They’re basically the spooge moppers of the auto industry–thankless job, customers hate you and avoid eye contact, come home with weird sticky liquids on your clothes…but I digress.

Yeah you can trust them...


  1. Stinky McStinkfinger

    Just wait till those old Joe Heitz employees get a taste of Wyatt & Johnsons’s pay scale. I already heard the general manager jumped ship. Hey Joe, how low can you go?

  2. Clarky McClarksville (Post author)

    Would not doubt it. They wouldn’t buy it and not make some sweeping changes. It’s the American way to “merge” and then lay off.

  3. Happy waffle fannypack

    That’s a bummer. Now there won’t be anymore Toyota’s with cocaine stuffed in their tires. Oh wait.. that’s Corlew.

  4. Cecil Saxon

    Clarksville car stealerships are special. Where else in America can you abuse an ever revolving customer base that will not be around to shop again in 5, 6 or 7 years when the old car needs replacing (except a few other large Military towns). I loathe Clarksville car stealerships- even if they desperately want to love, appreciate, honor and cherish every Military paycheck in town.

  5. Tits McGee

    Used to work at a local car dealership here in town. Never again. My first sale was a Cruze and it was to a lady who just survived getting T-Boned by a semi. What’s my boss say? “Hey man you play your cards right we can 3 pound this *****.” Really? Talk about ethics…hadn’t even seen how her credit was and he was looking to basically steal 3 grand from this woman.

    Not going to name any dealerships of course…except one’s across from APSU currently under construction.

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