Brawlful House

A discussion about flakey, delicious waffles nearly turned into a drunk lady being smothered, covered, and choked to death.


The young lady in question allegedly wanted to take one of her man’s automobiles to the 24/7 mobile home of breakfast known as the Waffle House. The problem was that she was drunk and unable to operate a vehicle, at least legally. This was considered an issue by her man pictured here:

oh my...

At first it sounds like his heart was in the right place. He wanted to keep his drunken tiger from becoming a hazard to all of the other drivers on the road. So an argument ensued, and he was attacked by his girlfriend when she was turned down (ladies hate to be told “no”, especially when they’re drunk and insane).


To defend against the rabid wildcat, he decided that the best action would be a slight choking motion around her neck area. I think you’ll agree that this wasn’t the best plan to keep from being arrested. So when the cops arrived, he was scratched up and she was (literally) choked up. ┬áSo he was taken to jail. Now she said that the scratching was what helped her to escape and contact the police.



It’s a little bit “he said/she said” isn’t it? All I know is that they’ll likely keep on dating, as this IS Clarksville. At least the fight didn’t happen at the Waffle House itself. Flo the waitress and Joe the cook don’t appreciate Heinz bottles being used to stab spleens. However, the restaurant is often so rowdy at 2AM that they might not have noticed.


Fellas remember, if you wanna be a hero or a white knight, don’t follow this example. But feel free to print out this postcard you can give to your lovely lady to show how much you care about her well-being.



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