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Glad this gal(?) hasn't shown up yet.

What’s the loudest, most annoying noise in Clarksville? Some would argue it’s this website. But it looks like the city wants to re-examine the noise ordinance and adjust it so it captures all the annoying, loud-ass things in town.
Apparently the ordinance was originally set up to handle late-night noise from the rock quarry. The residents near the quarry did not grow up watching the Flintstones, and didn’t appreciate the rippin’ and tearin’ sounds coming from that direction. New things to potentially poke with the “too loud” stick could include bars, construction, garbage trucks, and the racetrack.



We mentioned garbage truck noise in our Friday vid…

So the council is going to take a closer look at what needs to be done. There could be new enforcement based on decibels, based on “reasonable standards” (whatever the hell that means), or a combo of both. Residents aren’t hopping mad and screaming at meetings (yet), which is nice. So hopefully all parties involved will stay civil and come up with a good plan.



Glad this gal(?) hasn't shown up yet.

Glad this gal(?) hasn't shown up yet.



This is a touchy subject, as too strict of an ordinance could shut down a business, as well as shut down a birthday party with annoying, screaming kids. What’s noise to some people is an entertaining band playing outside to others. So might I suggest a new way to measure distractions to the community?



Not all “noisy” things are heard. Many of them are also seen. If there’s a 300-pound man only wearing jorts (jean shorts) and sunbathing in his front yard, that’s a violation of the noise ordinance if you ask me. If some college kids are listening to shitty music at a bar while drinking Woodford Reserve that’s fine. But if those same jerkwads are ironically wearing non-prescription thick frame glasses and drinking Milwaukee’s Best, they need to be shut the f**k down.

Look. I made it easy for you. Follow this chart when you can’t figure out whether you need to shut down the noise:





You’re welcome.


  1. Chad

    Those cunts need to keep the fuck away from the track. No one told those stupidasses to build fucking houses and apartments that close to the goddamn track anyways. Fuck it why should the race enthusiast suffer because people were too stupid to consider that a factor…. Dumb ass whiny fucks….

  2. Rafi

    ^ I agree with this guy.

  3. Bung McNugg

    Fun words are fun!

  4. Bob

    Your amazing use of the English language should be explanation enough as to why people want the track to go away. Probably not though. and so it goes…..

  5. Deana

    Hmmmmm maybe I should complain about the 430am traffic noise of all the Campbell soldiers flying down ft. Campbell blvd with loud bikes and tricked out (shitty) cars… Alas but thats what I get for moving just off of Ft. Campbell Blvd… Now now ppl if you don’t like the noise you shouldn’t live so close to the noise causing attractions, etc… I completely agree with Chad… I knew what kind of noise I was in for moving in where I am, but the cost of rent was WAY too good to pass up in this overpriced shit hole called a Clarksville… but I don’t whine about it… Thats what ear plugs were made for bitches!!! Mwhahahahahaaaa

  6. Matthias

    The Waverly Town Hall is such a great building and I think you are not the only one wroikng to promote adaptive reuse in a neighborhood that struggles with disinvestment. I’d be very interested in participating in a broader discussion about promoting reinvestment in neighborhoods with negative perceptions or poor market conditions. We’ll also be organizing a series of short lightning presentations during lunch. You might be interested in highlighting the Waverly Town Hall and the challenges you’re wrestling with.

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