Texas Casual Eye Assault – Pic o’ the Day

Wow, this sign looks like it was pulled out of the Malt-O-Meal school of graphic design. I had to snap a picture, mostly out of disbelief that it could possibly exist.

If I couldn’t read, I would assume that this sign was advertising fireworks and part-time carnival workers.

If this sign is advertising a restaurant, I can only assume every dish on the menu is topped with whipped cream and Cheetos.

When I see this sign, I imagine that the owner looks like this:


I’m going to assume that every wall will simply be a giant American flag stapled at the corners.

Just because “everything is bigger in Texas”, that doesn’t mean the eyesores have to be bigger.

Also, have you seen the building? It looks like a rebranded Walgreens…

But hey, let’s wait till they open before skewering them too hard. It is all about the food, right?


  1. tammy

    Where is this? I have not seen it.

  2. Cami

    Tammy – It’s near the Great Escape Theater on Trenton – near the corner of Trenton and Tiny Town.

  3. theresa

    It’s right across the street from Sweetberry off exit 1 on Trenton.

  4. angie

    I believe it’s by exit 1 next to The Great Escape Theater. Judging by the sign there’ll be more mediocre food available in Crapsville. Yay! Who needs Whole Foods when you can have this.

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