Pictures of the Day 04-24-2012

I try to stay away but the e-mails and pics keep rolling in!


Today we received two zany pictures of the same sign. Here’s the intro that was attached:


As I was driving down Trenton Road I noticed this sign and at first thought it was for a yard sale or something. But then I thought I saw the word “Pedophile”! No way, right? Had to stop and take a picture. Thought you’d enjoy!


Well, we totally did. This wasn’t a yard sale or lost puppy sign. It was just your friendly neighborhood announcement of a nearby pedophile:




Hear that crash? It’s the sound of house prices plummeting. But wait, there’s one more pic. The other side of the sign:




So there’s pedophiles AND phedophiles, which I can only assume are people that are addicted to ephedrine. Someone was outraged enough to make this full-on sign with wacky orange flags and all. They also took enough time to spell the most important word right only one time. WTG buddy…


Would you do this in your neighborhood? You know it’s easy to find your local sex offenders, but would you go that extra mile and make a sign that you’d normally use to sell some old clothes and furniture?


I might do it…but only to put it someone’s yard I didn’t like.


  1. Angie

    Personally I admire the pink flags. Cute!

  2. sharon fouquier

    This person must not know they have an app for that or that there is a website for it, but they must know about the site if they made it plural……

  3. tammy

    The incorrect use of the apostrophe seems to indicate the pedophiles (or phedophiles) are also possessive.

  4. boner soup

    didnt realize how close they were in this area… better hide yo wives and hide ya kids… on a serious not two live very close to the school on trenton, guess a call to the sex offender registry is on the to do list….

  5. Austin Peayness

    Typically Clarksville underachiever. If you’re really worried about pedophilia, hire a sign spinner in a clown suit. Slackers.

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