Clarksville Memes 5-18-12 Special Edition!

Hey kids we’re back with the meme thing. But this time we were sent a smorgasbord of images from reader Alex. Instead of using local photos, he went the opposite route and took well-loved meme pics and slammed good ol’ Clarksvegas in the process.


I have to say that Alex did a pretty kickass job. Let’s enjoy:



Dos Equis, more like Douches Aqui.


Ah Tennessee...why must my liver rest on the Sabbath?


He's on a roll with the Chinese buffet slams.



true dat.



Be honest, you can't hear shit from the porta-potty seats...


It's our legacy.


Thanks for images Alex! ¬†Clarksville, feel free to send more in (unless they suck, then don’t.)

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  1. Pauly

    Just discovered your website a few days ago. It is DEAD ON the money! I ETS’d from Fort. Campbell four years ago and never looked back. Kentucky always sucked, but Tennessee is awesome-except for the low laying cloud of despair known as Clarksville.

    I apologize for Uncle Sam turning the town into an Armyville. I got sick and tired of driving down Ft. Campbell Blvd. and seeing car dealership, car dealership, chinese buffet, pawn shop, watering hole, car dealership, and i’m sure you do too. Sorry ’bout everybody still at the fort that cheats on their spouses, gets drunk and starts fights, and religiously bounces checks, along with their pushy stupid attitude.

    I REALLY apologize for the crime level that came with the base. I lived in New York for four years, one speeding ticket, nothing else. I lived in Clarksville for three, and my car was broken into TWICE, some jackass trying to steal my ID, along with a retard running a stop sign while speeding and decimating my pickup.

    Site is AWESOME! I will be a regular here from now on, Keep it up.

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