Clarksville Memes 5/12/12

Today we start a new category, which we’ll see possibly last more than one posting.  Clarksville Memes!


First we have “Scummy Cumberland River”:



Next up is the always popular “Man in the Mall”:


..and of course it’s always nice to celebrate the accomplishments of Austin Peay State University:




Not too bad for a first round if I do say so myself.  Have any other ideas?  We’ve got a few that we’re working on.  Feel free to suggest!


  1. Jamie

    Baaahahhahaha I die! I just died. Thank you for that glorious death! Please, please, make a “Nice bridge…TO NOWHERE” (Riverside)

  2. speakgrl

    I make The Man in the Mall’s lattes. He creeps on all the female baristas.

  3. Jennifer

    The man in the mall…………I haven’t seen him in awhile but I choose not to shop at our crappy mall for the most part. I spent years feeding good old Mr. Nash contractors are with him for lunch and a different girl for dinner.

  4. you only flush twice

    Piper, Bowers, Kennedy, those local cable commercials that suck so bad, Clarksville drivers, THE LIST GOES ON!!!

  5. Coco

    The river isn’t just full of poop, it’s full of bodies. HUMAN. BODIES. I read about bodies being found in the Cumberland atleast once or twice a month.
    I’d rather swim in my own period blood than in that sewer some people call a “river”.

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