We Don’t Hate The Blackhorse Anymore


Don’t get us wrong. We still hate the 75 minute wait time for a seat. We still hate parties of 16 that say they need a single table. We hate the parents that think bringing ascreaming 3-year old to a brewery on a Friday night is a good idea. Most of Clarksville thinks the owner of the Blackhorse is a snarky, selfish egoist. But when it comes to the most important criteria, the food, we know what we hate–and we don’t hate the Blackhorse.


As far as Clarksville dining goes, the food is good. Let’s break down the pieces of the puzzle:


Starters: You can get a side salad, and they get it as right as anyone else. There’s not a ton of room for making an outstanding salad, but it’s easy as hell to screw up. You could also get a bowl of soup, and depending on the night of the week it might be chicken tortilla or some other choice. They’re not bad, and serve as an adequate starter in case you hate any green leaves on your plate.


Then of course there’s the “famous” beer cheese dip. It’s very drippy…but many people jizz their jeans at the thought of it. Personally I prefer the BBQ Pork Nacho. It has the cheese, but some protein to break up the barrage of dairy. Beyond that there’s a not-bad artichoke dip or the death-causing sampler tray as well.


As a side to your main dish we definitely recommend the mac and cheese. You’ll get an individual rammekin with baked cheese dripping over the edges–it’s probably our favorite thing there (seriously). Everything else in the side world is as you’d expect. Potatoes, some random vegetable, etc.


Main Dishes: The Cajun pasta is good (even without adding chicken or shrimp for a surcharge). For some people, however, it might be a bit too rich in flavor. The alfredo is a little bland and predictable, but personally I think it’s that way everywhere. They have a full sandwich menu, with the reliable, but once again predictable, choices like burgers. There’s also a mushroom sandwich there for people that hate meat (and by proxy hate their own existence).


Your other two big options waiting to punch you in the face are steak or pizza. Some people swear by the pizza, calling it the best they’ve ever had. They have got your standard topping pizzas, but then they toss a few premium options that are interesting experiments. They have a curry-tinged pizza called the Tunisian that has a little Indian flair in case you didn’t want to get molested at Tandoor. They also have the Whitehorse with alfredo sauce a few other fancy vegetables.


While the toppings and choices of pizza are all varied and pretty fresh, I still have trouble with the limp crust they use. It’s a decision the Blackhorse made, I understand, but holding your flaccid slices of pizza only makes me wish they were a little thicker. You might think otherwise, but then again, this isn’t your review, is it?


The steaks are done right, and I really have nothing to criticize or praise. You need a steak? You can get one here… yippee. I think I’ve honestly given up on being truly blown away with steaks in Clarksville. But anyway, the steaks at the Blackhorse are fine.


If you browse their menu you might see this section labeled “flatbreads”. I think they all suck. The end.


So, the food is a winner. Considering how busy they always are, the servers are usually quite attentive and friendly. They have their own brewery which has slightly improved over the last few years. They have definitely improved from the regurgitated toilet water they had a while back. I actually like a black and tan there, so kudos on that BH. If you need a mixed drink, they’ve got just about everything you need.


The Blackhorse recently tried to fight the long waits by opening the upstairs area (i.e. The Taproom) for dining. It’s a good idea and isn’t too bad if you don’t mind tall tables and a slightly smaller selection of mixed drinks.


So, once again, we don’t hate the Blackhorse anymore. They have the same problem that Walmart has…you don’t really hate the things you get there, but you hate everyone else shopping there. If only they’d all die off you could have the perfect dining experience.

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