What’s ClarksvilleWTF.com About?

As residents of Clarksville, Tennessee, we see it as our job to point out things in this city that make us go, well, “WTF?”  Whether it be Clarksville politics, businesses, local events (or lack thereof), or random zaniness on the Internet, we’ll talk about it laugh at the absurdity.
It’s not all negative — we’ll feature places we enjoy, as well as upcoming events that shouldn’t be missed.  Granted, we might end up sending you out of town to reach them.  But that’s why Tennessee has so many handy highways…it makes it easier to get to Nashville, Chattanooga, or Knoxville.

How to enjoy ClarksvilleWTF.com.

First and foremost, lighten up and have a sense of humor.  It depends on who is writing the story, but we often feature articles that are leaking sarcasm out of every crevice.  If your sense of humor edges more towards slice-of-life stories about dogs that can bark “I Love You”, then you might find us a bit “jarring”.  Just relax and enjoy the show.

Also, give us some feedback.  We’ve got several ways to do this:

Contact Page – You can send an e-mail straight to us using our Contact form.

Comments – Every article has a handy dandy comments section.  Most of them will be quickly approved, but if you want to drop people’s phone numbers and home addresses or string together a list of your favorite racial slurs, it might not make it 😉  We take no responsibility for the contents of what is said in comments.

Facebook – Check out our Facebook page here.  Also LIKE IT.  We update every day or so with new links and comments about the city you love to hate (or love if your a masochist).

Twitter – Check out what we twatted right here.  Follow us.

The “Staff” (lol)

Here’s the people that help put it together:

Clarky McClarksville: I’m the cream of the crop.  I rise to the top.  I never eat a pig, cuz’ a pig is a cop.  Oh wait, I’m the lead webpage guy/writer person.  If this blog doesn’t run the way it should, feel free to drop me a line and I’ll totally think about reading it some time.  Also if you don’t agree with what I write, then welcome to the Internet.

The Aristocrat: Our resident guest writer has his own unique insight to the Queen city.  Like most people in this area, he learned English from wolves and slowly had to get rid of his addiction to Maruchan ramen.  Those tasks complete, he has decided to join this website to make a difference.  Or to post stuff.



Look deep inside your soul. For people on the Internet, are we really that negative? The Internet turns your 80-year old grandma into a f-bomb dropping thug. All things considered I think we’re a pretty chillax crew.

We try to balance the yin and yang of angry versus happy content, but Clarksville honestly deserves an assload of scrutiny. We’re a city of 100,000+ and yet we have the entertainment and dining options of a Somalian diamond mine. The city government often seems to get their ideas from old episodes of Dukes of Hazzard (note: jumping a car over the marina site won’t help it be completed any faster).

So yeah, we’ll probably sound a little meaner than the folks at ClarksvilleOnline.com.


Well, it’ll be one of two reasons:

1. We didn’t know about the (INSERT THING HERE). Maybe we missed it (not uncommon) or maybe we didn’t notice it. Check the “Contact” link up top and send in your idea. We might just talk about it.

2. Note: I said “might”. If it doesn’t peak interest or doesn’t seem like something with much content, we might have to pass. Also if it’s just trashing someone’s personal life we might scale it back since we’re not really out for blood (or lawyers).


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  2. Chris

    Keep up the good work. Reminds me of home while I’m away!

  3. Charles U. Farley

    Coolest site in Clarksville. Glad I found it!

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