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By Clarky McClarksville:


So you want to go out to eat in Clarksville? Are you sure…no, really, have you looked around here? I know you aren’t in Hopkinsville (thank God), but it’s still a difficult decision to make. Well, you asked for it.


Here is ClarksvilleWTF.com’s offcial dining guide for Clarksville, Tennessee. We’ll break down what places suck, what places suck slightly less, and what places we actually like. We’re brutally honest here, so you can trust that what we say is what we think.


But feel free to go to the CONTACT page if you’d like to tell us how wrong and terrible we are, or if’d you like to recommend a place we’ve ignored.


Check back soon as this part of the site is still being assembled.


Our Top Clarksville Picks:


That’s right, we’ve got a few places we highly recommend if you simply don’t have the energy to microwave that bag of Bagel Bites. Click the restaurant to read our write-up.

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  1. Wait So Long

    During a conversation about Texas Roadhouse the other day, I heard there was one opening up off of Exit 1. Come to find out, it was just Texas Casual Grill. The name is not appetizing at all. I did appreciate being able to be one of the first people to eat there. The first thing I noticed is the parking lot. It is very small. Secondly, there is hardly any room for for a larger group of people. Most of the seating is for a maximum of 4 people. Looking at the menu, my mouth started to water. Philly cheese fries, crab stuffed mushrooms, a sampler platter with a choice of mozz sticks, tater skins, calamari, and others. The prime rib sounded pretty tasty with the choice of queen or king size. I started to get excited. The cajun shrimp sounded amazing. The Ahi Tuna steak sounded great! After 3 apps, and waiting 2 hours for our dinner, the Ahi Tuna tasted more like a pork chop and they ran out of rice, (it’s opening night, there are going to be some mistakes made) the shrimp were bland (which came with rice 45 minutes after the ahi came out), and the prime rib was so thin and unseasoned, I actually sighed and got a little depressed after waiting 2 hours. The company was great and the server was excellent though! Plus, it’s so nice seeing new utensils! You could actually see the people sitting behind you in the reflections of the knives! You’ll find yourself getting amused by the littlest things when you wait so long to get your food…

  2. Skeeter

    This place tastes like “ass”..never tasted it but now I can honestly say I have!Parking lot is very small but they won’t need a big one after Clarksville tries it because most people probably won’t be back! The salt & pepper shakers on the tables should be replaced with a spice rack because they obviously don’t know how to use them & the garlic mashed potatoes make a rubber tire taste good!We won’t be back;)

  3. Clarky McClarksville (Post author)

    Still haven’t made it to Texas Casual Grill. Still trying to find some sweatpants to wear that really scream “casual”.

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